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  • Brookwood Fruit Farm is a 5th generation family fruit farm that grows 50 varieties of apples, as well as tart cherries and peaches. We also make fresh apple cider weekly with our own special blend of hand-picked apples. We are a family farm that takes pride in offering our guests quality fruit and a memorable experience.  Come and join us and see what has made Brookwood Fruit Farm unique for over 100 years.



  • Apple Season is Here!


     It's apple season again and time to gather the family & head to the farm! 50 varieites of apples, pears, cider, donuts, and honey await you at the farm every Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9AM to 5PM!


    Below is our tentative pick-your-own apple schedule. In order to only provide the best fruit, dates are subject to change and  more varieties will be added as the season progresses.


    Starting September 30th

    Autumn Crisp (already-picked) (premium variety)

    Cortland (pick your own and already picked)

    Crimson Crisp (already-picked) (premium variety)

    Crimson Gold (pick your own) (premium variety)

    Gala (already-picked)

    Daybreak Fuji (already-picked)

    Empire (pick your own)

    Honeycrisp (already-picked) (premium variety)

    Idared (pick your own)

    Jonagold (pick your own)

    McIntosh (already-picked)

    Red Cort (pick your own)

    Red Delicious (pick your own)

    Red Max (pick your own)

    Shizuka (pick your own)

    Snow (already-picked)

    SnowSweet (already-picked) (premium variety)


    Donuts (Saturday's & Sunday's)

    Cherry Slush

    Apple Cider

    Apple Cider Slush



    Starting October 8th

    Golden Delicious (pick your own)

    Jonaprince (ready-picked)

    Northern Spy (pick your own)

    Spigold (pick your own)

    Suncrisp (already-picked) (premium variety)

    Mutsu (pick your own)

    Nova Spy (pick your own)

    Winesap (already-picked)


    Starting October 15th

    Rome (already-picked)

    Fuji (pick your own)


    Starting November 4th

    Granny Smith (already-picked)


    We are also at the Oakland County Farmers Market every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 7AM - 1:30PM inside at stall #32.



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